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5 Amazing Ways to Involve Candle in Your Decor

Decorating home with different things is all we experiment with.  But there is nothing beautiful then decorating home with candle. You’d think that candles can only be used as a source of illumination, but nowadays, candles are an important element of home decor. To give you a little inspiration on how to decorate your home with candles here are 5 tips which you can involve.

Living area:

Decorating living area with a candle is a great way to beautify your ambiance. There are many ways in which you can involve candles. First thing comes is the space you own. If you own a large spaced area there you have options like you can go for big sized candles or in a set of 5 candles. But not to worry if you have own a low space living area, Go for a pair of candles or a single decorative candle with jewels embellished on it and directly display it on your display unit.

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Aroma Candle

Dining Area:

Dine areas are the place where you can play with the looks of ambiance by using candles. First place is your dining table where you can place the candles and can enjoy a soothing dinner with your family. You can buy fragmented candles and can place them in middle of your table or you can also go for a beautiful floral candle stand which will add charm to your décor.

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Layered candle


The bedroom is the peaceful place where you calm yourself, So for that place, soothing fragmented candles will be best. You can also decorate your bedroom by placing a water bowl and then making some floating candles float on it with fresh flower petals. You can also opt from classy tealight candles which will enhance the beauty of your bedroom without increasing the temperature.

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Flamless Candle


You can give a mesmerizing look to your ambiance by simply decorating the entryways with these. For entryways, you can be a bit sparky and can opt from jewels embellished candles. So that when not in use or in the day time they will look like a beautiful showpiece. Scented candles are also a good option to be placed in an entryway, so when your guest will arrive they will feel refreshed.

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Designer Candle

Balcony Area:

You can set a romantic coffee set at your own balcony by using candles. If you have open roof balcony then you can also use beautiful tealight holders to keep your candles. Also if you own a balcony garden then you can decorate the ambiance with small circular shaped candles. And by decorating it with that you can invite your friend or colleague for a dinner party also.

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Designer Pink Candle

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