4 Most Important Vastu tips that should not be ignored

One of the most important and holy Corner in any home is the place where prayer is performed, and this place is also called pooja ghar. Although the place is itself divine and brings positive energies in a home, but designing the place according to Vastu enhances the positivity in the environment and all around. And there are so many suggestions by which you can increase the tranquility.
Pooja Thali
Pooja Thali

Direction as per the vastu :

The first thing comes is the direction and according to that the North East Zone or the Eeshan Corner is the best-suited area for placing the pooja ghar. This direction is always considered for worshipping because it receives the purifying rays of rising sun, which purifies the atmosphere and brings positivity into our Homes. It is also suggested not to locate the pooja room in the southeast, as these directions, are ruled by Yama & Agni, respectively.
Pooja Room,vastu  tips
Pooja Room

Location as per the vastu:

After direction, the next thing comes is the area in which you place the pooja ghar. It is advised not to place pooja ghar in a bedroom, and if no option is left then try not to point your feet towards the direction of the Pooja Ghar. Avoid locating pooja ghar above the washroom area or opposite to this area to prevent negative energies spoiling the auspicious atmosphere of the room. The room should also not to constructed under a staircase, instead of that locate the pooja room Brahmasthana.
God Idols, pooja ghar
God Idols

Shape as per the vastu:

Next, to the location the shape of the pooja ghar also matters a lot. It is suggested to make the roof of pooja ghar in dome or pyramid shape. This shape facilitates the smooth flow of positive energies from the tip to a dome of a pyramid in the Area. This kind of shape also assists in meditation. Use soft colors on the walls of your pooja area like white, yellow, blue or violet, as these colors will not distract while praying.
Pooja Mandir, direction, vastu tips
Pooja Mandir

Placing of Deity:

Another thing comes is the placing of idols. While placing the idols, the height of the lords should not be more than 18 inches and should always place on a platform. It is also suggested to avoid the display of dead family members along with the Deities. And if you are wanting to keep all the holy books inside the pooja room then make the placing along the south and west wall.
Pooja Thali, vastu tips
Pooja Thali
The lamp and Deepak should be placed in the southeast direction, governed by Agni. North-East is generally the direction which is recommended for locating the idols or pictures of various Gods, but different lords have variant holy locations. Like Ganesha, Kuber, Durga in the north direction and facing south. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya in the east and facing towards the north. And lord Hanuman always in a north-east direction facing south.
These are some most important Vastu tips for every home, which will increase the spirituality in your home.

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