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12 Beautiful Rangoli Designs For This Diwali

As Diwali is coming nearby people do best to make their home look beautiful. Festivals have their own charm and joy and pretty ways to celebrate. The celebration of Diwali festival may vary from home to home but the thing which is common in all places is the Rangoli. Rangoli is the way of welcoming the festival with lots of joy and auspiciousness. But here is something which is still difficult than making it is from what Rangoli Designs to choose from. So here is a list of beautiful Rangoli designs from which you can pick and can make your celebration beautiful.

An all-time traditional

If you own a big porch space than this style of Rangoli is apt for you. Although it is one of the traditional Rangoli designs, but in a big space with beautiful contrasting colors it will look immensely beautiful. If not with colors you can make this Rangoli with fresh flowers also.

Rangoli Designs, Rangoli, traditional patterns

Divine Ganpati design

Rangoli is a way of welcoming joy by sprinkling colors. You can double the joy by making a Ganpati design Rangoli. You can use whatever color you want to use but try to borderline the outline by white color as it will give a realistic look.

Ganpati rangoli designs, traditional designs, rangoli, diwali festival

Floral Design

You need not to worry if you have less space these styles of floral Rangoli designs are apt for tight spaces. Use bright colors and make your ambiance look beautiful.

Floral Design rangoli, rangoli pattern, diwali festival, Indian Tradition

A 2-D design

The most amazing thing about this pattern is its two-dimensional appeal. Use your fingers to stroke the petals and highlight if with white boundary.

two-dimensional Rangoli designs, rangoli, rangoli deisgn, art, indian traditiona

A classy floral pattern

Floral patterns are evergreen Rangoli designs. You can make it in from of your kitchen space or in from of your entryway, it will look eye-catchy.

Floral Pattern, Rangoli desgns, indian tradition

Eye-catchy petal design

In Rangoli, the choice of colors plays an important role. If your color theme of outdoor space where you are making Rangoli in light color theme then this pattern will give a dynamic appeal.

petal design rangoli, rangoli design, rangoli for festival

Simply beautiful

Sometimes you do not have enough time to make a big and intricate design, so for that rush time, this is perfect. This is one of the Rangoli designs which will fit in any space of your home.

festive design, rangoli design, traditional rangoli

Something for your sidewalls

While decorating the front space you forgot about decorating the side walls. So here is a symmetric design for your sides of the wall. You can also make this pattern on the entrance of your pooja ghar.

designs, indian festivsl, diwali trsdition

Quick & Easy

If you are not good at this then you can pick from one of these Rangoli designs. You don’t have to do much, just draw the layers and fill it with colors.

colorful art, diwali celebration, festive art, festive decor

Pretty and gorgeous

If you want to put as many colors in your design then this pattern is perfect for you. You can make it in front of your entryway or in your hallways.

diwali decor, decor ideas, diwali pooja, diwali celebration

A symmetric pattern

Symmetric Rangoli designs have their own charm and as an add-on, they are quick and easy to draw. This pattern is perfect for your hallways and outdoor spaces.

symmetric pattern, diwali decor, festive decor, celebration

Beautiful peacock design

Peacock patterns always look beautiful and give a pretty charming appeal. No matter where you are planning to make it, they will look awesome everywhere. Just remember to use as many colors as you can.

peacock kolam, deisgn kolam, diwali celebration, festive decor

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