11 Budget Friendly Rajasthani Handicraft Under Rs-999

Decorating home can be a big challenge, especially when there is a strict budget in place. Budget plays an important role while choosing decorative.  Exclusivity never depends on price and just like that for giving a classy look you need not to buy expensive décor objects. So, for adding classy charm to your décor here are 12 budget-friendly Rajasthani Handicraft under rupees 999…

Metal Meenakari – Swan Mother & Child

Meenakari is one of the oldest exclusivity that immediately adds a royalty in your décor. This beautiful pair of Swan with traditional Meenakari will be a great option for your display unit. This classy Rajasthani handicraft will cost you only Rupees 640.

Metal Meenakari, Swan Decorative Statue, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan
Metal Meenakari

Decorative Rajasthani Horse

This traditional style metal horse is a perfect accent piece for your home. With every intricate artwork on the figurine, it has metal hangings which will give a melodious sound like a wind chime. This pretty Rajasthani handicraft will cost you only Rupees 750.

Decorative Horse, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Home Decor, Traditional Handicrafts
Decorative Horse

Decorative Pair of Musician

For those who love sparkly gloss, this Rajasthani Handicraft is specially customized for them. With a set of two metal statues, this decorative pair of musician will be perfect for your both modern or traditional theme Ambiance. You can buy it online at a price of only Rupees 680.

Set of Musician-rajasthani-traditional-handcrafted-metal figurine

Pair of female Labour – Rajasthani Handicraft Metal Art

Give a dash of vintage touch with this beautifully handcrafted Rajasthani handicraft. This beautiful pair of metal figurine will look immensely classy in both your living & bedroom area. This pair of beauty will cost you only Rupees 750.

Pair of female Labour - Rajasthani Metal Art, Rajasthani handicraft

Decorative Metal Vase

Ditch the idea of expensive glass flower vase, and replace it with this traditional handcrafted metal Vase. With a beautiful Rajasthani folk art, this vase with bright color will give a dramatic appeal to your dull ambiance. Buy it online at rupees 980 only.

Decorative Metal Vase, Rajasthani Handicraft, Traditional Vases, Home Decor

Wooden Peacock Set – Wood Art

Sometimes just by simply adding a wooden touch, you can uplift the grace of your living area. This classy set of the wooden peacock will be a perfect add-on for your corner unit. Ether place it together on a single shelf or arrange it in any pattern on a different shelf. You can buy this Rajasthani handicraft only in Rupees 980.

Wooden Peacock Set - Wood Art, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Wooden Crafts, Home Decor, Peacock Set

Ganpati With Dholak:Rajasthani Handicraft

Need not to buy bulky and expensive brass statues of Lord Ganpati for enhancing an exclusive divine touch in your adornment. Simply sprinkle the spirituality of Lord Ganpati in just Rupees 820. Make it place in your living, dining, bedroom, study or kitchen area without any extra space coverage.

Ganpati With Dholak, Ganpati Statue, Rajasthani Handicrafts

Antique Metal Show Piece

Without spending too much on antiques, you still can adore your ambiance with this glossy metal figurine. This handcrafted metal showpiece has elegant carvings which will give an exclusive touch. With a sassy gloss, this Antique Metal Show Piece can be purchased at a pocket-friendly price of rupees 860.

Antique Metal Show Piece, Rajasthani Handicraft, Metal Figurines, Rajasthani Art work

Rajasthani Handicraft Gaj Tea Light Holder

Why to empty your pockets on a fancy and costly chandelier and night lamps, when you still can create that royal effect with this Rajasthani handicraft. Brighten up your ambiance like the royal era of kings with this pretty Tea Light holder in just Rupees 880.

Rajasthani Gaj Tea Light Holder, Traditional Tea Light Holder, Rajasthani handicrafts

Hand-Painted Decorative Rajasthani Handicraft Key Holder

Do not pay separately for utility and beauty when you can get both in single price. This Hand-Painted Decorative Key Holder will offer you utility and beauty to your wall also. This space savvy key holder is best for a small spaced house. You can buy this online at Rupees 880 only.

Rajasthani hand-painted key Holder, Wodoen key Holders, Wall Key holders, Rajasthani Handicraft

Mukhwas Box with Miniature Rajasthani Handicraft Painting

Let your coffee table be the center of attraction. Complement your coffee table with an exclusive touch of Rajasthani miniature art by adorning this Mukhwas Box. This wooden box will give a charming appeal to your boring table and will make it look dapper. Buy this beautiful mukhwas box online at Rupees 480 only.

Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Gifts,


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