10 Easy to apply Vastu tips for your bedroom

A bedroom is a place where after a long hectic day; you surrender yourself from all the worries and make yourself relax. But are you aware of the fact that when it comes to relaxing your mind and having a peaceful sleep, your bedroom ambiance plays an important role. So to make your bedroom area more peaceful and calm here are some easy to apply Vastu tips…
Vastu Tips, Bedroom Vastu
Vastu Tips
The first thing comes is the direction of the bedroom; it is suggested to have your bedroom in the southwest part of your home because this direction represents the element earth which makes it an ideal place to sleep.
The second things come is the size of the bedroom, so your master bedroom should always be big then other bedrooms and rooms of the Home. And if you own multi-story houses then you’re your master bedroom top floor is the best place. 
The third things come is the direction of the bed you place in your ambiance, it is suggested to place your bed towards South or West wall, as it will give you sound and peaceful sleep.
The fourth thing is the direction in which you sleep, you can sleep in any of these three directions placing your legs towards East, West, North. But it is suggested not to sleep by facing your legs towards South as you do not have a sound sleep in this direction.
The fifth thing is about the washrooms or changing room directions, these should be on West or North side and it should not face directly towards the bed or the entrance Gate of your bedroom.
Sixth thing is about the position of the entrance gate and windows; for windows it suggested, East or North wall and for entrance door East, North or West wall and always avoid entrance gate on South Wall.
Seventh thing is the usage of the space inside the bedroom; it is advised that the Southwest corner of the bedroom must be occupied and you can also place heavy almirah, wardrobes or shelves in this direction.
Eight thing is about your money; it is advised to keep your saving safe towards South wall and open toward North wall as it a very auspicious and Holy Place.
Ninth thing is, it suggested not to keep TV, PC, Laptops in the bedroom as it disturbs your mind and also gives harmful vibes which affects your health also.
The tenth thing is about the wall color of your bedroom, always choose soft and Soothing Colors, as choosing dark color will not make your mind peace and will also affect your sound sleep.

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