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10 Budget-Friendly Rajasthani Metal Handicraft For Decor

One could never get bored with decorating their home. Changing the looks of a home is an ongoing process that is never stopped. But what to change is the though remains constant. So here are some awesome budget-friendly Rajasthani Metal handicraft which you can use in your home décor to give an eye-catchy look. Check out 10 amazing options

Pair of Swans

This Rajasthani Metal handicraft is a perfect decorative option for your moderate space requirements. These pair of Swans will give classy bling of beautiful color to your dull existing décor. You can place this pair of swans in your living area or in your hallways.

Metal Meenakari Swan Statue, Rajasthani Metal Handicraft, Handicrafts, Metal Statues

Colorful Meenkari Ganesh Moorti

Give a holy vibe to your décor with this beautiful minimal size Ganesh Moorti. The beautiful statue has traditional Meenakari work on metal surface which will give your décor a pretty Rajasthani touch. Make it place in the entryway or in front of your living area.

Meenakari Ganesh Moorti, Rajasthani Metal Handicraft, Rajasthani Statues, Metal Handicrafts

Decorative Horse

For anyone who is seeking a little change but is also worried about the space, this is a perfect Rajasthani Metal handicraft for them. You can make this showpiece place in middle of your coffee table, on your corner or beside window of your entryway.

Decorative Horse Metal Statue, Rajasthani Metal Handicraft, Home Decor. <etal Showpiece, Metal Artifacts

Metal Tribal Lady

Don’t let your corner feel lonely with this classy metal tribal lady. Sometimes you forgot to look at the corner so this is a perfect piece for your corner. Although always try to choose a bright color as they will surely attract the eyes of onlookers.

Blue Decorative Tribal Lady, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decor

Hand-Painted Metal Vase

Vases can never go wrong. Decorate your home with this classy Rajasthani design engraved metal vase. You can put artificial flowers in this and can give a floral breeze to your ambiance. And you can put it as an artefact in your décor to give a classy antique charm.

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Rajasthani Metal Handicrafts (Wall Hangings)

Let your wall do the talking; This Rajasthani Metal Handicraft is perfect for those who want a sassy add-on to their decor. The antique finish with tribal design this wall hanging will go well with your modern theme decor.

Wall Hangings, Metal Wall Hangings, Rajasthani Decor, Home Decor, Traditional Decor Showpiece

Musician With Harmonium

Sometimes glossy touch in your existing décor gives a whole new life to the ambiance. This musician with harmonium is perfect for that. You can buy it in pairs and can adorn it in your wall mounted shelf or in your entryway.

Musician with Harmonium, Handicrafts, Home Decor, Showpiece, Metal Statues

Rajasthani Metal Handicraft (Elephant Statue)

Metal elephants are one of the popular Rajasthani Metal Handicraft which always look extremely beautiful in ambiance. This elephant has authentic Meenakari work done with skilled artisans which makes it an exclusive décor piece. Make it place in your living area and create a focal point.

Rajasthani Elephant Statue, Home Decor, Elphant Showpiece, Metal Decoratives,

Antique Rajasthani Metal Handicraft

An antique glare always does wonders in any ambiance, likewise this Rajasthani Metal Handicraft is a perfect figurine to give an exclusive vibe. Make it place on your corner piece, at your TV unit or wall mounted display units, the beauty of this is surely going to grab many eyes.

Home Decor, Rajasthani Decorative, Metal Statues, Traditional Artifacts

Musician with Turban

Pull the musician strings of you and decorate your ambiance with this extremely beautiful handcrafted metal musician with a turban. This metal statue is suitable for both modern and traditional theme décor.

Musician with turban, Metal decorative, Metal Statue, Home Decor, Artifacts, Metal Figurine

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