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Diwali Pooja Vastu Tips For Inviting Prosperity

As the Diwali is arriving, we all are excited about welcoming Goddess Lakshmi Ji in our home. Diwali is a time to pray to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali Pooja to bring prosperity and wealth in your life. Just Like the festival, the pooja ritual performed on this day is too auspicious and should be done in a proper manner to welcome goddess for health and wealth. So to perform the pooja in the correct manner and to invite health and wealth here is Diwali Pooja Vastu Tips.

Location of Diwali Pooja:

It is suggested that the place of pooja must be in Ishan Corner according to vastu. As this corner lies in the north-east direction of the house and it is also considered as the corner of God. The Ishan Corner has the abundance of positive energy so it is the perfect place.

And because of some reason when you are not able to worship in this direction you can use east direction as well to perform Diwali Puja. East, Northeast, North directions are usually considered favorable direction for inviting wealth and health.

Placement of God idols:

While doing Diwali Pooja you must always strive to place statues of Gods in an accurate manner. It is advised to never put idols of same God next to each other. Always position the idol of Goddess Laxmi in the center with Lord Ganesha on her left and Goddess Saraswati on her right.

Also, make sure, the idols are in a sitting position and are not facing the door of the room or another. Place the idols in a north-east direction and keep water pictures or “Kalash” either in east or north of the puja room.

De-clutter the ambiance:

Before you do Diwali pooja make sure your home is de-cluttered properly. As cleanliness is next to godliness, so clean your home very carefully, to invite positive vibes and banish the sloth. If your house is stuffed with useless things you are blocking the divine energy and Goddess Laxmi to your house on the night of Diwali.

Decoration of pooja room:

Decorate your Diwali pooja room with fresh flowers and invite Goddess Lakshmi with positive energy. Avoid decorating the pooja room with excess red light. Excess of red bulbs will have a negative effect. You can use green lights in the office and yellow lights at home. Also while decorating the pooja room give a check on the furniture of the home as it should not block the way of a door of pooja room.

Placement of diya:

According to vastu while doing Diwali pooja Deepak should be placed in east or west direction. As the facing of God is in the east or west direction, so adjacent to that direction you should place the diya. And it is always advised to put an odd number of flame in the same lamp like 1, 3, 5 etc.

So while performing Diwali pooja always keep these point in mind to invite health, prosperity, positive vibes and wealth.





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8 Beautiful Diwali Gift Options For Your Peer Group

As the Diwali festival is rushing, the joy of festival is also rushing. The delightful time of year has finally arrived; it is the time for some sweets and some beautiful Diwali decoration.  As the crackers and decoration is the main part of Diwali decoration just like that another important thing about this festival is the Diwali gift.

Gifts exchange is the very important part of Diwali as it doubles the joy festival. Choosing a gift is sometimes as hard as choosing a right décor for your home. So to lower the confusion save the time here are 8 gifts options which you can consider while choosing a gift for your near and dear one.

Tea-Light Holders

Diwali is the festival of lights so gifting light options to brighten their décor is the best gift anyone could receive. And for gifting lights, you can opt for beautiful tea-light holders as Diwali gift. There are many options from which you can choose, but again it depends on the ambiance. If you are gifting it for office area then go for wall mounted and if for personal space you can choose from metallic traditional tea-light holders.

Lantern Style Tea Light Holder, Tea Light Holder, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decoration

Wine Boxes

Wine box is one of the best Diwali gifts which you can gift to a friend. While gifting rare wine instead of doing a normal gift wrapping go for an exclusive wine box packing. You can choose from handcrafted Rajasthani Style Wine boxes having a beautiful traditional painting or having some animal face in front.

Rajasthani Wine Box, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decoration

Metal Decorative

Metal decorative is the versatile Diwali Gift which will suit any ambiance; be it a modern or a traditional themed decor. You can opt from beautifully handcrafted metal figurines or Rajasthani metal handicrafts with beautiful hand-paints.

Blue Decorative Tribal Lady, Diwali Gifts, Diwali Decor

Hand-painted Tea-Coasters

Tea-Coasters are evergreen Diwali Gift which is full of utility. This option can also be used as bulk gifting options for corporate and official purposes as they are economical. But while choosing it for your near and dear one, you can opt from Miniature painting painted Tea-Coasters of Rajasthani theme. The wooden handcrafted tea-coasters are the exclusive gift option which will be adored by everyone.

Set of Six Tea-Coaster with Rajasthani Painting, Corporate Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Rajasthani Handicrafts

Marble Artifacts

When you want to gift classy beauty as Diwali gift always choose marble artifacts. Marble handicrafts are always a beautiful piece of art which immediately gives a royal charm to any ambiance. You can gift, traditional marble lanterns, Marble Lamps, Marble Statues etc.

Marble Mobile Stand, Marble Handicrafts, Corporate gifts, Diwali Gifts

Mukhwas Box

Mukhwas box is one of the Diwali gift options, which comes with utility and beauty. Mukhwas box is the economical yet super classy gifts which can also be used as corporate gift options. You can choose from a handcrafted Rajasthani wooden Mukhwas box, hand-painted boxes, and metallic boxes.

Mukhwas Box, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Diwali Gifts,

Magazine Holders

Although magazine holder is a common Diwali gift option, it will be a bliss for those who are into reading. So if you have any friend who loves to read than magazine holders are perfect gift options. You can choose from portable magazine holder so that they can carry them wherever they are moving. Also a hand-painted with Rajasthani art on will add class to your gift.

Traditional paintings

There nothing more beautiful than gifting a piece of art, and they the joy doubles when the receiver is art admirer. You can choose from small sized canvas painting, traditional Rajput Paintings, Rajasthani Miniature painting as they will create a mesmerizing effect in the adornment.

Miniature Painting , Rajasthani Painting, Diwali Gifts, Corporate Gifts

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How to choose an indoor plant for your home

The indoor plant has a celestial aura that transmits positive energy to every corner of the home. The greenery of indoor plants adds dimension to the ambiance and give a refreshing touch to space. While adding these plants in ambiance, it is also very important for you to know which plant to choose according to the ambiance.

Living Area:

The living area is that part of home where there is a maximum footfall. So while choosing an indoor plant for living area always go for a big sized plant. Make that plant a style statement in your area. You can place that indoor plant under the glass table, in between two couches or in any corner of your area. While choosing the plant check, how much amount of direct or indirect sunlight enters in your living area.

Recommendations: Rubber tree, Bird of paradise, Begonia, Cacti, Spider plant etc.

Where to place indoor plants in home, Living Area

Kitchen Area:

The kitchen is the second busiest place of home and is a bit humid from rest of the areas. While choosing an indoor plant for a kitchen, check the amount of sunlight entering. Usually, kitchens have the window that opens outside so you can choose those indoor plants also which requires direct sunlight. But try to avoid those indoor plants which attract flies and mosquitoes.

Recommendations: Ferns, Air plants, Trailing Pothos, Aloe etc.

Indoor Plants in kitchen, Kitchen Area plants


Your bedroom is meant to be a restful sanctuary, so add a bit of greenery to create a peaceful atmosphere. A bedroom is a place where is usually less amount of light or brightness is present; So choose from those indoor plants which require a minimum amount of sunlight to survive. Instead of placing a huge indoor plant for small sized plant.

Recommendation: Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, Braided Ficus Tree, Amaryllis etc.

Indoor Plants in bedroom, Indoor plants, Bedroom ambience

Dining Area:

Dining space is the place where a family sits and enjoys the peaceful time of a meal. So for this place, it is advised to indulge flower plants, which will sprinkle color and fragrance in ambiance. Indoor Plant in the dining area can be style statement so choose plant which looks great and gives a stylish look.

Recommendations: English Ivy, Amaryllis. Ferns, Trailers, Wandering Jew etc.

Dining area indoor plant,


For workspace, pick a plant you wouldn’t mind staring at when you’re searching for inspiration or creativity. Also for office space where you want more concentration, so go for those indoor plants which invite good vibes and positive energies. Indoor plant in workspace creates a refreshing visual impact in the dull ambiance so go for colored plants.

Recommendations: Fittonia, Marimo Moss, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant etc.

Office ambience indoor plants, indoor plants

The indoor plant is the great addition to any ambiance. As these plants require minimum care and also cure your need of gardens if you live in compact spaced apartments.

Pooja Ghar , Vastu of Pooja ghar

How To Build A Pooja Room According To Vastu

Pooja room is the divine and holy place of every home. With respect to the pretty ambiance, another thing which also matters is how you build the room. Pooja room should be built in accordance with proper vastu for inviting positive and good energy.

Yet in the modern home sometimes this space gets neglected unintentionally. So here are some easy tips which can be applied in any pooja room according to vastu for inviting positive energies.


Big space or small space it really doesn’t matter. According to vastu, the thing which matters is the direction. The images and statues of the deities should be placed between the north and east direction of the house with deities facing towards the south or east. In this way, while praying you will be facing towards the east, in the direction of rising sun.

Direction of pooja ghar according to vastu


There are few suggestions according to vastu which can be used for locating your pooja room. It is advised to not share the wall of pooja room with a toilet or duct pipes. Pooja room should not be built right opposite the main door or in the bedroom. As the energies of this space are believed to cause unrest so avoid.

Vastushatra tips for pooja ghar


The next important thing according to Vastu is the height of deities.  Usually, the choice of height is preference and should be chosen according to every family member. But the average height for it is 1 foot 6 inches from the ground. The figurines should not be too heightened so that you are not able to see them.

Height pf god statues to be placed according to vastu, Vastushastra


We light the pooja space to enhance the beauty of adornment. According to Vastu, it is advised to light the pooja room with brighter lights to invite positive energies. Lights should be warm and soothing giving a depth to space and creating a perfect environment for evening prayers and meditations. You can also light diyas for a charming look.

Vastushastrra techniques for pooja room, Vastu tips


Storage is the essential part of any pooja room. In accordance with vastu, storage should not be above the god statues. Also, keep your pooja room clutter free. Storage will be required to store a mat or cushion for sitting, cotton wick, incense sticks, matchbox, prayers books etc. You can go for side shelves or pooja ghar which comes with beneath storage space.

Pooja room vastu, vastushastra for pooja space

Maintain the divinity:

Pooja rooms are for a devotional purpose and religion is something very personal. So according to vastu avoid building a pooja space in the living room or busy passage. Also while praying avoid the place where there is a reach of the loud noise of television or your music system.

Vastushatra of pooja ghar, Vastushastra tips

These are the easy vastu tips which will help you to build a divine pooja room according to Vastu and will also help in inviting good vibes and serenity.

Study Room Vastu, Vastu for study room

11 Study Room Vastu Tips For Better Concentration

Every home has a place dedicated to some special purpose. Like that study, a room is a place for the process of learning or gaining knowledge. It is the place where one sits peacefully to concentrate on studies. Rather than studies, there are so many things which affect your concentration, so to improve your concentration here are some vastu tips.

First thing is the direction of the study room. According to vastu tips, the south-west corner is the best direction for studying. And it is suggested to keep your face towards the North-East while studying.

Keeping God Idol; Goddess Saraswati is said to be the Goddess of Knowledge and wisdom. So according to vastu tips, a study room or a prayer room must always consist of a photo frame or an idol of Goddess Saraswati for her blessing.

God idols in study room, Vastu Tips, Study Room

There are certain directions as per vastu tips for different subjects to grasp & concentrate more. To enhance proficiency in mathematics and science it is suggested to face in west direction in study room.

The book rack should be located on the southern or the western wall & bookshelf should never be planned above the study table. Also always keep the bookshelf of a study room in a properly arranged manner.

Book Rack, Vastu Tips, Study Room

Size of the study table should not be too big or too small. The proportion of the length width should not exceed more than 1:2. The study room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.

If you use a table lamp in a study room then the lamp should be kept in the Southeast corner of the desk. Or a study lamp or any source of light should be placed on the left of your study table to increase concentration.

Study Room according to vastu

If you are using a computer or desktop in your room than keep a computer in a South-East corner of study place. Also placing a pyramid in study place balances energies an increases memory power and helps you in study better way.

Color of walls also plays an important role in study room according to vastu tips. While choosing the wall color go for not too bright and not too dull colors. The best color one can choose is white color as this color will give you enough light.

Study Room Vastu, Vastu Tips, Study Room


Shape of study table should be square or rectangle, as any other shape is not beneficial. You can also keep a crystal globe or map in the study room as it signifies expansion and improves study luck.

The location of windows should preferably be on the left side of the study table. And in case if the window is at the back side then keep the curtains closed or place a screen between both of them.

Study room having windows, Study room according to vastu

Try to keep positivity in the atmosphere of the area where you are studying, by keeping the room lit with white light, but natural light from the sun is the best.