7 Amazing Budget Friendly Decor tips for any Home

Whoever thinks beauty comes with a price tag has always emptied their pockets for decorating their ambiance. Sprucing up your home doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on decoration; you have to be smart enough to figure out what is worth investing. So to make your task easy and hassel free here are some amazing budget friendly decor tips. Which will make your ambiance look super pretty without spending much.

Shop Smart:

The first thing to ace the home décor is shop smart. While purchasing the décor object offline you invest your time and money both, and mostly end up in paying heavy bills. So ditch this and choose a authentic online store and do your purchase. One of the best thing about online stores is that it offers great discount so you may get the product in half price.

Double Duty Decorative:

One of the key points in a Budget friendly decor tips is to always look for double functioning décor object. By choosing double duty décor object you can solve two purposes without spending two times separately. Like go for a decorative Rajasthani style key holder with pockets; as this will suffice the need for wall décor and you can keep your important belongings inside also.

Go Green:

Going green is one of the easiest budget friendly decor tips which can be applied to any house type and any style of ambiance. You just have to buy some beautiful indoor plants and display it in your ambiance. If not possible then go for artificial plans or flowers and decorate it in any corner of your home.

DIY works as magic:

Do it yourself is one of the cheapest budget friendly decorating tips. Let your inner artist come out. If you are creative and loves do crafts then go and make your own. You can create something from old antiques or unused things and can decorate it in your ambiance.

Mismatch your furniture:

One of the wisest and easiest features of budget friendly decor tips is mismatching your furniture. Every time for renovating your home you need not to buy a new set of furniture just mismatch it with another furniture and give a dramatic appeal to your ambiance. You can add a pretty Meenakari stool with your modern themed couches and can make it look different.


De-cluttering is the only one of budget friendly decor tips which involve zero spending. Sometimes you just need to de-clutter your environment to make it look good and beautiful. Swap off the things which are kept unnecessarily in your ambiance and make your ambiance look beautiful

Experiment with lights:

Budget friendly decor tips always include experimenting with lights. The adventure with light does not include buying expensive chandeliers just buy some fragmented candles or marble lanterns under rupees 1500. You can also choose from beautiful traditional style tealight holder which will cost you under rupees 600.

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Rajasthani Mandana, Art of Rajasthan, Culture of Rajasthan

Mandana- A Traditional Holy Art of Rajasthan

Art is always celebrated in Rajasthan. Different art has a different story and holds a cultural tradition. And just like that Mandana is one of these traditional cultures of Rajasthan which holds a special place in the beauty of this state. The journey of this art is dramatically interesting, take a visual tour of this beauty.

Rajasthani Art and crafts, Rajasthani Painting, Art and crafts of India

What is Rajasthani Mandana…

Mandana art is a tribal art form which has survived over the ages and is one of the oldest art forms of Rajasthan. The art is done on the walls and floors of the surroundings. This art is a decoration process of floors and walls with beautiful designs. It is a type of Rangoli which is done without colors.

Mandana art of rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Art of India

How Mandana started…

In ancient times people used to live in houses made of mud. And at that time for decorating their home, they used to draw beautiful designs on the walls and floors of their home. The designs were drawn from white Chuna (Chalk Paste) on a brown color surface, which makes it look beautiful. That time people were not able to afford costly colors so they started this method for decoration.

Rajasthani Painting, crafts of Rajasthan, Art of India, Culture of Rajasthan

Making process…

There is a specific process of making Mandana. First, the walls or the surface is plastered with clay; the clay is made from cow dung and water. Then the surface is left for some time so that it gets dry. Then a mixture of chuna and water is made from which the designs are drawn on that surface. Initially, when the brushes were not available the paintings were drawn from the wick of cotton.

Making of Mandana, Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of India, Hand made art of Rajasthan

But with evolution, people started using brushes. The unique thing about this art is its color theme, i.e. white and red. White paint or khadiya is made of chalk while the red paint or geru is made of brick. The designs are drawn from hand and are very intricate and fine. You have to make it correct in one go because you don’t have any option to correct it by rubbing.

Why Mandana’s are made…

Not only for the beauty, but there are other sacred believes also behind the making of these Mandana. The cow dung is meant auspicious according to Hindu mythology so the Mandana becomes sacred too. It is believed that making these in the entrance protect the home from evil vibes. Even now on any auspicious occasion like and Pooja, Birth or marriage function Mandana’s are the first thing which is drawn before starting any function.

Traditional Art of Rajasthan, Crafts of Rajasthan

Nowadays if you are not able to draw one at your home you can buy it also. In the market there are many of the beautiful Mandana designed vases, bed sheet, wall hangings, décor objects are available which you can choose for your home.

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How To Place Urli According To Vastu

Vastu plays an important role in everyone’s life. Vastu has five elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and space and every element play an important role. While decorating or constructing your home all these elements should be placed according to Vastu for good luck and prosperity. Out of these entire vastu elements, the water element is most important. And to suffice your need for water element Urli is the best option you can choose.

Urli is a beautiful vastu object in the structure of bowl which is generally placed at home by filling water in it. You may be aware of its lots of benefits but with respect to that other important thing is how to place it at home. For good luck and prosperity in your home, note down these important tips for placing Urli.

Brass Urli, Vastu placing of urli according to vastu


Correct Direction:

The first important thing is the correct direction. For placing the water element in the home choose a northeast direction. Always place your water filled urli in north or east direction as this direction signifies coming of wealth. Never place it in the fire direction as it will give a negative effect in the environment of your home.

Urli for prosperity

Place to choose:

After direction, next thing comes is the place. You can place it in pooja room before your idols as that will give a calming vibe. For increasing wealth place it in your living room with clean water and fresh rose petals. For inviting good energy in your home make it place at the entrance of your home. For peace of mind then place it in the east or north direction of your porch area.

Ganpati Brass Urli, Brass Statues, Brass Handicrafts, Vastushatra , Home Decor

Appropriate material:

Material is the third thing which plays an important role in placing an urli. Although there are many options from which you can choose, but the best option is Brass. Urli made from brass will detoxify the environment and will make it happy and calm. If not Brass than you can choose Glass urli also, but never place iron urli as it will give negative effects.

Urli decoration, vastu tips, Home decor

How to decorate Urli:

Decoration also plays a vital role. For inviting new opportunity in carrier and life to decorate it with marigold petals as they are considered sacred. If you are seeking peace then you can use white rose petals. If you want to increase the calmness in the environment you can decorate it with rose petals. For a holly enviroment, you can float sacred diyas or candles also on the water surface.

Vastu Urli, Urli for vastu online, Vastu statues

Mistakes to avoid while placing Urli:

With respect to these things, there are still many things which you must avoid while placing urli. Always clean the water and change it on a regular basis, as fresh water indicates prosperity and flow of wealth. Never put stones for decoration in urli as it will give negative weight to your life. Remember not to place it under a staircase or a closed space as it will stop the flow of good energy.

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Brass Urli

Kalamkari Jewellery, Making of Kalamkari

How Kalamkari Is A Natural Healing Art

The culture of India holds a special place for art and crafts. When talking about the history of India, art plays a major role in describing ancient culture. Every culture has its own art which gives the royal glance of its history. The existence of these arts is from the day when life started. And when talking about historical art, kalamkari is one of them.

Kalamkari Paintings, Handicrafts of India, Indian Culture, Art Of India

Kalamkari is one of the most beautiful traditional art forms of India which is noted for its extraordinary and fine artwork on fabric. Not only the fabric there are a lot more things which make it exclusive.

How it was named…

Kalamkari means painting with pen, “Kalam” is pen and “Kari” is art. The heritage of this art dates back from ancient times. It was initially traced in the early period of Persian and Indian trade merchants and later it becomes a part of Indian Culture. According to the historians, fabric samples depicting Kalamkari art was found at the archeological sites of Mohenjo-Daro.

Art of India, handicrafts of India, Paintings of India

The Extraordinary Process of Kalamkari…

Majorly this art is done in the small towns of Kalahasti, Machilipatnam and other interior regions of Andhra Pradesh by rural craftsmen and women. The process involves 23 steps, Firstly the fabric is bleached and softened and then it is dried in the sun. And in that time colors are made from natural materials or organic material.

Kalamkari Art of India, Art and crafts of India, Handicrafts of India

Cotton Fabric is mostly used, after bleaching and drying the cloth is soaked in milk of buffalo as this avoid smudging of dyes when doing the painting. The Kalamkars use ‘tamarind twig’ as, pen, to sketch beautiful motifs.

Why Kalamkari is so exclusive…

Not only the fineness, but kalamkari is also exclusive in many more terms. It is also known as healing fabric. Colors, motifs, compositions and the narration of magical forms create an aura that heals an individual physically and spiritually. Most of the motifs are usually of lords so this art gives a divine charm to the user.

Making Of Kalamkari, Art of India, Painting Of India, Handicraft of India

One of the amazing beauties of this art is fine designs. You will never see broad designs on kalamkari prints. Designs and motifs are always symmetric. Also, only highly skilled artisans create this art from hands, the machine is used nowhere.

Specialties of Kalamkari

Initially, Kalamkari was found only on fabrics which were used in temples and other holy places. But as the art grows, the whole scenario changed. You will find this art in bed sheets, apparels, décor objects, and jewelry. These objects have very fine detailing which attracts the onlookers and give a clean and classy look.

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Water Vastu, Home Vastu, Vastu Decor

How Water is an Important Element Of Vastu

Water is one of the five elements of Vastu whose presence or absence does affect the environment of any home. Water has a very powerful influence on Vastu because it acts as a huge energy generator. Any water feature or property may bring positive or negative energy. So, it is very important to know how and what to place for positive benefits.

Vastushastra of water, Home Vastu, Vastu for prosperity


The first and most important thing while adding a water element is the direction. North, East and Northeast are the most ideal directions, in which you can keep your water element. Placing your water body in these directions will invite divine blessings and success to every aspect of life. But it is advised to avoid west, South or southwest direction as it will create disturbance in your life.

Direction of vastu in water element, Vastu importance, Home Vastu


Next important thing is the place where you choose to keep your water body. Although there is only direction restriction, besides that you can keep it where you want. According to Vastu keeping a small water element at the entrance of your home will invite positive energy. You can place a water bowl in the living area, in the north corner of your bedroom and can fill the environment with calmness.

Urli, Vastu importance, Home Vastu, Vastu Decor

What to keep:

Next thing comes in Vastu is what water body you can keep. There are so many things from which you can choose. For a living area, you can choose a brass Urli, as it holds a special place in Vastu. You can place an aquarium, a fountain, a small water vase, etc. Keeping water will not only invite positive energy but will also give a classy beauty to your ambiance.

Water Vastushastra, Water element of vastu, Vastu for home decor

Material to choose:

Material is the other thing which one should be very careful about. Every metal has its own vastu property. According to Vastu earthen pots are the best for keeping at home. You can also go for Brass as keeping a brass is also considered very auspicious. Glass vessels are also good and divine options. But avoid using iron vessel or pot as they will give negative energy.

Vastu importance of water, Home Vastu, Vastu for living area,

Things to avoid:

According to vastu while placing water elements there are certain things which must avoid. If you are placing a fountain then never keep two fountains together in the entrance as it will give a negative energy flow. Avoid placing water element in the kitchen as that is the fire point and may nullify the positive effects. Water should be free-flowing. Flowing water symbolizes an income.

Benefits Of Water Vastu, Vastu importance of water, Vastu for home decor, Vastu for success

Water is one of the most important part of any vastu. For inviting successes and happiness one must include water element in their home.

Pichwai Painting, Paintings of Rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan ,

Pichwai Painting- A Holy Souvenir Of Lord Shreenathji

Paintings and art is an integral part of Indian Culture and history. Every style of painting holds its own unique story. In India, some of the arts were invented to connect the human to god, and because of that, the value of art becomes more precious. Some of the arts are worshipped like God and are still considered holy and sacred. And one of them is Pichwai Painting.

These paintings are created as a backdrop in the temples dedicated to Krishna or Srinathji. And it is also considered as an important offering to God along with food offerings, garments, jewelry, and more.

How Pichwai Painting comes to existence…

There is no substantial data which tell exactly when it was started, but it is one of the oldest art forms of India. Pichwai is a Sanskrit word, where pich stands for ‘back’ and wai for ‘hanging’. These paintings were originated from the holy town of Nathdwara, near Udaipur, Rajasthan around 400 years back. This art was kind of an offering to Lords, which was considered holy when it was hanged behind the Statue.

Lord Krishna Painting, ShreenathJi Painting

The motive behind these paintings was painted to narrate the tale of Lord Krishna.  Shreenath Ji is the ball roop (Child phase) of Lord Krishna, and to tell the sacred goodness of lord these paintings were created. Initially, Pichwai Painting was worshiped like God by people.

The making of Pichwai Painting:

These paintings are full of minute and fine details, so artists take time from a couple of weeks to a few months. The painter first makes a rough sketch on a starched cloth. After that, it is filled with color. Mostly, pichwai painting is done on cloth, so the details filled once cannot be corrected.

Making Of Pichwai Painting, Handicrafts Of Rajasthan, Paintings, Lord Shreenathji

A Pichwai may also be printed using hand blocks or woven using embroidery, dabka, or zardozi work. These paintings are glossy and sometimes embellished with jewels. In this outlines are dark and the embroidery is done with colorful threads. In some, the gold thread is used to highlight the design.

What Pichwai showcase…

The main theme of the Pichwai is of Lord Srinathji and his exploits. The idol shown in the painting is portrayed here which mainly include big eyes, heavy body, and a broad nose. Also, the theme depends on the seasons; summers will have pink lotus & winter will have an intricate jamawar pattern. Different-different occasions are portrayed in these paintings of Lord Shreenath Ji

Pichwai Paintings, Paitings or Shreenathji, Paintings of Rajasthan

You will find the roots of these paintings majorly in Nathdwara, Udaipur, and Rajasthan. While visiting Rajasthan, one must look at these paintings and must take one with them as a souvenir.