7 Amazing Budget Friendly Decor tips for any Home

Whoever thinks beauty comes with a price tag has always emptied their pockets for decorating their ambiance. Sprucing up your home doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on decoration; you have to be smart enough to figure out what is worth investing. So to make your task easy and hassel free here are some amazing budget friendly decor tips. Which will make your ambiance look super pretty without spending much.

Shop Smart:

The first thing to ace the home décor is shop smart. While purchasing the décor object offline you invest your time and money both, and mostly end up in paying heavy bills. So ditch this and choose a authentic online store and do your purchase. One of the best thing about online stores is that it offers great discount so you may get the product in half price.

Double Duty Decorative:

One of the key points in a Budget friendly decor tips is to always look for double functioning décor object. By choosing double duty décor object you can solve two purposes without spending two times separately. Like go for a decorative Rajasthani style key holder with pockets; as this will suffice the need for wall décor and you can keep your important belongings inside also.

Go Green:

Going green is one of the easiest budget friendly decor tips which can be applied to any house type and any style of ambiance. You just have to buy some beautiful indoor plants and display it in your ambiance. If not possible then go for artificial plans or flowers and decorate it in any corner of your home.

DIY works as magic:

Do it yourself is one of the cheapest budget friendly decorating tips. Let your inner artist come out. If you are creative and loves do crafts then go and make your own. You can create something from old antiques or unused things and can decorate it in your ambiance.

Mismatch your furniture:

One of the wisest and easiest features of budget friendly decor tips is mismatching your furniture. Every time for renovating your home you need not to buy a new set of furniture just mismatch it with another furniture and give a dramatic appeal to your ambiance. You can add a pretty Meenakari stool with your modern themed couches and can make it look different.


De-cluttering is the only one of budget friendly decor tips which involve zero spending. Sometimes you just need to de-clutter your environment to make it look good and beautiful. Swap off the things which are kept unnecessarily in your ambiance and make your ambiance look beautiful

Experiment with lights:

Budget friendly decor tips always include experimenting with lights. The adventure with light does not include buying expensive chandeliers just buy some fragmented candles or marble lanterns under rupees 1500. You can also choose from beautiful traditional style tealight holder which will cost you under rupees 600.

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Terracotta Carving, Indian Handicrafts, crafts of Rajasthan

Terracotta – A Magical Carving of Indian Soil

India has many ancient gems in terms of handicrafts. The roots of some arts can be founded from Ramayan & Mahabharat kaal. Every art was invented for different purposes. Some were to educate people and some for sufficing daily needs and some for decoration purposes or beautification. But there is one art which suffices all these purposes – “ Terracotta”.

Terracotta is one of ancient art and is also believed as the first expression of creativity in human mind. This art has various forms which makes it a versatile Indian Handicraft.

Throwback …

This art includes all the five elements of earth. Its presence can be seen from 7000 BC. It is also a main constituent of Indian culture since the Indus Valley Civilization. This wonder can be seen in all the wonders. Archaeological excavation at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and many other places has existence of this art.

But besides its glorious past, know why it is still in trend…

Indian Handicrafts, Crafts of Rajasthan, Art Of India, Crafts OF INdia, Pottery


The first impression of terracotta is its beautiful color. With its earthy color, the terracotta art holds a special place in any home decor. Be it a modern theme or a traditional theme it gels beautifully with all styles of decor.

Versatile decorative…

The use of terracotta is not limited to decor. You will find a showpiece, crockery, jewellery, and furniture, almost everything. Things made from this give a beautiful impact to house and are economical to use. Nowadays be it home decor or daily life, this is trending. 

Benefits of terracotta…

It complements a wide variety of decor. Also as it is made from soil, terracotta is echo friendly. Its earthy color can be used to break up and add warmth to modern, monochromatic themes. According to Ayurveda, eating in soil is considered good for health, so one can use terracotta crockery.

How the making process plays an important role…

The making process is not an ordinary process. It is  made from a fairly coarse, porous type of clay. First step includes sculpting the clay. Once it is sculpted then it fired until hard. After it is baked it turns brownish orange color, ranging from earthy ocher to red.

Terracotta Pottery, Indian Handicrafts, Crafts Of Rajasthan, Rajasthani Art, Handicrafts of India, Make in India

Baked terracotta is not watertight a layer of glaze is done to make it so. The wide range of color shades can be given by using different glaze. If not baked properly on the defined temperature it may break or sometimes loses its shine. 

Places for authentic terracotta art…

Although there are many online and offline places for exploring this, but always choose the place that manufactures it. You can explore the local market of Udaipur, Jaipur, Bikaner, cities of Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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Know How These 9 Famous Indian Paintings Started

India is a colorful culturally rich country. This culturally diverse country is concise of various forms of art. From ancient times different art form depicts diverse culture. But ever wondered how Indian Paintings were started. All around the globe art is a form of expression. Some started because of need and some started because of spiritual needs. Take a stroll down to read how these famous arts initiated and get renowned worldwide.

Kishangarh Painting

The era of Kishangarh painting began from the ruling period of Savant Singh (r. 1748–1758). In these styles of Indian paintings, you will see mostly images of Rajasthani women dressed up in traditional attire. It is because of Savant Singh’s romance with a singer and concubine, Bani Thani. And after that most of the paintings depicts the love chemistry between two of them.

Kishangarh Painting, Indian Paintings, Paintings Of India


Tanjore is a classic south Indian painting which is named after the town Tanjore. Also known as Thanjavur, its inspiration comes from Vijayanagara Rayas. As at that time the different art forms like classical dance, music, literature, and singing were seeding and from this art form was patronize. At that time the Hindu religion was majorly followed. So in this style of painting, you see mostly god and goddess.

Tanjore paintings,Tamilnadu


The story behind Pichwai Paintings revolves around lord Shreenath Ji. Its origin can be found from the 16th century. Originally these paintings were drawn to decorate the temple of Lord Shreenath Ji in Nathdwara. They were painted on a piece of cloth and that cloth was hanged behind the statue of a deity. In these paintings, you will see different seasons and celebrations of Lord Shreenath Ji.

Pichwai Painting, Paintings of Rajasthan, Handicrafts of Rajasthan, Indian Paintings


Madhubani Paintings were discovered during an earthquake in 1934 at Bihar. It is said that its origin can be found in Ramayan Kaal also. King Janaka asked an artist to capture his daughter Sita’s wedding to Prince Rama. In these paintings, you will see stills of Ramayan Kaal. Also known as Mithila Paintings these are very pretty paintings with classy detailing. 

Mithila Painting of Bihar
Mithila Painting


The name of these paintings speaks for itself. Miniature paintings originated in India around 750 A.D when the Palas ruled over the eastern part of India. Initially, these Indian paintings were done on palm leaves so the designs were kept minimal. In India, it was first introduced by Akbar. Later on, the artists used to draw on palm leaves so when it has drawn on paper the size remained the same and it is followed to date.

Indian Folk Painting, Miniature painting, Paintings of India


Kalamkari paintings were originated when the process of telling the tale transformed into drawings. It is also stated that the sample of these Indian paintings can be traced to the sites of Mohenjo-Daro. These paintings were drawn to tell a tale. So, most of the kalamkari paintings depict a theme or a tale.

Kalamkari Paintings, Handicrafts of India, Indian Culture, Art Of India


Kalighat Paintings is one of the most famous Indian Paintings which are dated back from the 19th century. These paintings were named after Kalighat Kali Temple of Calcutta. The artists lived near this Kalighat temple and use to draw divine Kali in there paintings so this was how these were originated.

Kalighat Painting the painting art of kolkata
Kalighat Painting


Gond Paintings are devoted to nature. These styles of Indian paintings are practiced by one of the largest tribes in India with whom it shares its name. Around 1400 years before the Gond community started to imitate nature in their paintings for decorating their homes, and this how it started.

Gond Painting,Tribal Painting,Traditional tribal painting


Patachitra is one of the famous Indian paintings which are based on Hindu Mythology. Originated at Odisha these paintings are inspired by Jagannath culture. The artist draws this art on cloth and showcases the divine vibe of Hindu Gods and Goddess. And till that time the theme of this painting is still the same.

Pattachitra style of painting odisha

The origin of paintings can be found from ancient periods or can say from early age time. Initially, when there was no source of communications this was the only medium how things were communicated. Later on, this different style of Indian paintings becomes a major part of home décor.

Rajasthani Furniture, Handcrafted Furniture, Indian Handicrafts, Art Of Rajasthan

7 Styles Of Rajasthani Furniture That Will Fit Your Decor

Be it a modern apartment in a metropolitan city or a picturesque house in a small town, the one thing which defines the beauty of a home is its decor. Some may like their ambiance to give a classy vibe, some may like a lavish glance or some adore the Traditional touch with Rajasthani furniture while some like to keep it simple.

The Home decor theme depends on one individual’s choice. But one thing which everyone want is the constant beautiful change in their decor which can give a new touch. So, to give a new option to your decor here are 7 styles of Rajasthani Furniture from which you can choose. Check what will go well with what.

Foldable Rajasthani furniture with Miniature Paintings

Foldable chairs are one of the best Rajasthani Furniture which will give you the utmost comfort with beauty. Rajasthani chairs are a flexible add on which can be merged into any area of your home. Be it your living area, dining area, outdoor area, bedroom area. These chairs come with Miniature paintings or Rajputana Paintings which are hand-painted.

Foldable Chair, Wooden Chair, Foldable Chairs,

You can buy them in pairs and can keep them in your living area alongside your wall. In the bedroom area, these chairs can be used as a sitting space for reading or for having your morning coffee. Place it in your balcony space. The best thing about these is its foldable feature so when not in use fold it and keep it aside.

Meenakari Stools – A perfect depict of Rajasthani furniture

Meenakari Stools is a beautiful minimalist option of Rajasthani Furniture which can fit from tight space to wide space. These stools have Meenakari on the surface of the furniture which gives a classy blingy glance. As in a modern theme, decor adding a colorful stool may sound odd but it will give a dramatic look to your dull ambiance.

Meenakari Stool,Meenakari

Meenakari stools will work great with a traditional theme décor. If you have little space in your home but still want a change then add this type of stool. Sometimes these stools can also be a charming base to your antique vase.

Wooden Chowki – Rajasthani furniture for lower sitting

Wooden Chowki also knows as bajot is one of the types of Rajasthani Furniture which is not known by so many people. This furniture piece plays an underdog character as it has so many features that are not known. It is a versatile option that can be used from sitting purpose to a decorative purpose. These handmade Rajasthani wooden bajot have beautiful paintings of traditional folk art which gives a classy glance to the ambiance.

Hand Painted Rajasthani Bajot, Rajasthani Furniture, Handcrafted Rajasthani Art, Traditional Handicrafts

You can also keep it in your pooja room and can use it for worshipping God. In an already existing décor theme, this chowki will blend well and its wooden finish will give a new charm to your adornment.

Wardrobes With Kishangarh Paintings

Storage options are the prime demand of home décor, and the joy gets doubles when it comes to eternal beauty. These Wardrobes have beautiful miniature paintings which are hand-painted by skilled artisans which will give a classy appeal. The beauty of these wardrobes is its compact size, so you can place it anywhere.

Rajasthani Wardrobe, Wardrobes, Traditional Furniture

You can place Rajasthani wardrobes in your living area and could store your daily usable precious. In the study room, you can use it as extra space for keeping your book. In a bedroom area, this can be used as an extra storage space.

Hand-Painted Corners

Corners are the elegant furniture piece that will hide your unused space of a home and will give them a meaning full look. There are many styles which you can choose from. Multi-tier corners, covered pillars, wooden crafted pillars.

Corner and Pillar, Wooden Cabinet, Traditional Rajasthani style, Wooden Corner
Rajasthani Wooden COrner and Pillar

If you want to give your corner an open look with multiple utilities then choose multi-tier. For a cutter free look use compact size Rajasthani pillar. If you have a big space left out for the corner then use a heritage look wooden corner.

Chest Of Drawers With Mewar Paintings

The beauty of this style of Rajasthani furniture is its storage capacity. In every home decor lack of space is a major concern but Rajasthani Chest of Drawers will suffice this need.  The versatility of this furniture piece makes it suitable for any nook of your home.

Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Chest of Drawers, Rajasthani Handicrafts
Chest of Drawers

These chests of drawers come with beautiful Mewar painting which majorly depicts the colorful Rajasthani furniture. The color theme of these drawers blends immensely beautiful with both modern themes and traditional theme decor.

Coffee Tables with Rajputana Paintings

Coffee tables are the focal points of any living room. Rajasthani coffee tables are one of the most beautiful furniture pieces you will ever see. These tables have elegant wooden engravings with hand-painting Rajputana paintings.

Rajasthani Table, Furniture, Tables, Wooden Coffee Table

These beautiful coffee tables can be used in your outdoor area, in your bedrooms, in your living areas etc. The beautiful wooden finish of these coffee tables will blend with your light as well as dark theme decor.

Rajasthani Furniture style is one of the most unique styles of furniture which can refurbish your boring decor. The unique thing about these styles of furniture is hand-crafting which ensures longevity. It’s a charming economical investment that will magically beautify your decor.


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5 Best Places To Buy Stone Handicrafts In Rajasthan

The beauty of Stone handicraft is unmatchable. The patience and excellence behind the crafting process of these handicrafts is admirable . Not only in India, but these Handicrafts are also famous worldwide. Although you may find Stone Handicrafts at so many places in India. But if you are finding some authentic handicrafts then these are the best 5 places to buy Stone Handicrafts in Rajasthan,

Udaipur The Stone Handicrafts Hub

The city of lake has so many things to offer besides the beautiful lake. The culture of this city showcases the traditional Rajasthani aura. Udaipur is a hub of Marble Handicraft. While making a visit to Udaipur for marble shopping purposes, visit Hathi Pol, Ghanta ghar (clock tower), Bada Bazaar area. And this is a paradise for art lovers as you will find various miniature paintings and hand-crafted wooden artifacts.

Crafting of marble handicraft, Indian Handicrafts

Stone Handicarfts Of Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and with respect to royal tourist attraction, this place is a prime of Marble Handicrafts. While looking for marble artifacts do visit these markets. In Bapu Bazaar you will find authentic Rajasthani arts. You can visit Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar, Badi Chaupar. Rather than marble handicraft, you can also shop blue pottery and Kundan jewellery from Johri Bazaar.

Indian Stone Handicrafts, marble scluptures

Kishangarh The City of Stone Handicrafts

Kishangarh city is the main hub for marble handicrafts. Most of the marble supply is done from this place only. This place is 90 km far from Jaipur and easily reachable by any transport. The world-famous Makrana Marble is collected from this city only. You must visit the local market for exploring the handicrafts. Besides marble, this city offers beautiful Kishangarh Paintings, which are drawn by hands using natural colors. So one not miss it while making a visit there.


Jodhpur the sun city is a beautiful place to roam around. With respect to royal Bhawan Jodhpur is one of the vital places from where you will get authentic handcrafted Marble Handicrafts. You can visit the Clock Tower market, Nai Sarak, Sojati Gate Market. And for premium range handicrafts you can visit Umaid Bhawan Palace market. While shopping for these handicrafts in local market shops for leather bags and Rajasthani Mojari also.

Marble Vases,  Vases Online
Marble Vases


Nathdwara the holy home of Lord Shree Nath Ji offers a variety of Marble Handicrafts with the divine vibe. This place is a big manufacturer of marble handicraft. You can visit the local market for shopping out beautiful handicrafts. With respect to these handicrafts you must look at the Pichwai Paintings which are the exclusivity of Nathdwara.

These are the most famous places for buying Marble Handicrafts in Rajasthan. Although you can buy from any of the local markets of Rajasthan, but for authentic products consider these places.

Marble Lamp,Lamps and Shades, Stone art Rajasthani, Traditional
Marble Lamp

Shilpgram Festival, Handicrafts of Udaipur, Traditional Fair, Rajasthani Culture

Shilpgram – A Handicraft Art & Craft Fair Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is renowned for its colorful culture and hand-made artifacts. Each and every city of Rajasthan depicts its own traditional style. And to promote more of this traditional culture Every year Udaipur the city of lake host a Handicraft fair named Shilpgram. This fair has a very beautiful artistic vibe which makes it a must-visit place.

What Shilpgram is…

Shilpgram Utsav has been one of the most awaited festivals of Udaipur. More than a place it’s a festival which happens once in a year. It is all about a 10-day festival in which you will find handcrafted delicacies of every state and culture of India. It’s a big fair of famous handicrafts, where artists of all over India come to showcase their creativity.

Rajasthani Culture, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Udaipur, Traditional Functions, Culture of India

A truly traditional experience…

The Shilpgram is all about folk & traditional art of India summits together at one place. The Utsav is organized by West Zone Cultural center and since the year 1991. This fair is organized at the end of the year in the month of December. It’s a truly exclusive artistic experience for art lovers. You can experience cultural folk dances also at night time.

Shilpgram Festival, Culture of Rajasthan, Festival of Udaipur, Rajasthani Handicrafts

What you can explore in shilpgram..

A vibrant bazaar for all the shopaholics is set up that starts around 12 noon. The fair includes shops of artistic handicrafts of all around India. You can shop Pashmina shawls, authentic Chikankari suits, Blue Pottery crafts, Gujrati theme décor objects, etc. Shilpgram is a food paradise for food lovers, you will find mouth-watering traditional food such as ‘Makki ki papdi, Makki ki raab, nutty milk, etc.

Rajasthani tradition, Handicrafts fair, Handicrafts of Udaipur

Why to visit shilpgram..

Shilpgram is a place that is made in such a way that it gives an authentic village touch to the explorer. It has an ethnographical museum that comprises over 31 rural dwellings from the four-member Western States of India viz Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Here you will find the authentic Rajasthani culture, which can be shown in so many different styles.

Handicrafts of India, Rajasthani Culture, Rajasthani Handicrafts, Art of India

Although there are many fairs the specialty of this festival is the way in which the Rajasthani culture is shown. Other than this fair, this place is made in such a way that it gives a rural backdrop of Rajasthan. Outside the tourist season, however, Shilpgram can be almost deserted by artisans, performers, and visitors.

Shilpgram is one of the most colorful fairs, which one should not miss while making a trip to Udaipur.